PokerStars Case Study: Psychometric Tests

Client: PokerStars

Objective: To produce traffic-generating content on the theme of success through understanding one’s personality

Outcome: Several personality tests, and blog entries, were created; one in particular was the most successful blog on the site

PokerStars created a blog, A Winning Personality, as a place for consumers to learn about their core strengths and how they can help them to be […]

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Waggener Edstrom Case Study: Product Launch

Client: Waggener Edstrom

Objective: To provide expert insights for the launch of a new consumer equity service

Outcome: Added psychological credibility to press releases, which garnered national attention, and addressed the press at the launch event

Waggener Edstrom (WE) approached brainchimp as a source of expertise for a project – the launch of a consumer equity website, Youstice. The site acts as a […]

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LOX: Packaging Psychology

Client: LOX Earring Backs

Objective: To understand the psychology of effective packaging

Outcome: A redesigned pack for the brand based on brain science (success metrics pending)

The brand LOX sells replacement earring backs to those . As a relatively new and growing company, LOX wanted to understand how its product packaging could be enhanced in order to make it effective as […]

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