The In-Store War for Attention

Why do some brands get bought and others do not?

When it comes to selling in-store, there are two figures to bear in mind.

Firstly, the best guess is that our brains process 11,000,000 ‘bits’ of data every second, but only 40 of these are processed consciously. That means 0.0004% of sensory processing is conscious. In other words, […]

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Get a ‘Pizza’ the Action

Imagine you own “A-Sleazy Luigi’s”, a pizza parlour. (Please also imagine that was not an offensive stereotype.)

How would you get customers to buy more toppings on their pizza, and spend more money? Would you have to cut prices, or offer some promotional incentive – both of which come at a significant financial cost to you?

Actually, you […]

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Apple’s Secret to Success

Customers are little monsters. The problem is they’re both powerful and unpredictable – like a monkey with a bomb. Just what exactly do they want? Do they even know? Companies nervously throw billions of pounds into things like focus groups, market research and panel data – seemingly to no avail. Remember New Coke?

Luckily, there exist a handful […]

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