Patrick Fagan, brainchimp’s director, is a frequent contributor to media sources on the topic of consumer psychology.

Patrick has provided interviews for print, radio and television, and is regularly featured pieces on consumer behaviour; in particular, his regular involvement in PR projects for blue-chip brands has resulted in a great deal of press exposure. He also frequently writes for popular online and print publications, as well as being commissioned to write content for private publications.

A selection of Patrick’s written work, and articles featuring him, are available below.

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Bright Old Things and the Silver Spend

Older consumers control a huge percentage of global spend. Can fashion retailers tap the opportunity? Read the article.

One Direction Helps You Bag Bargains, Say Scientists

Boffins reckon background noise, such as pop music and sports commentary, provides the perfect audio soundtrack for bagging a bargain. Read the article.

Why Fining the Parents of Unpunctual Pupils Doesn’t Work

If schools want to make sure children arrive at the school gates on time, they need to focus on the intrinsic motivation of parents. Read the article.

8 Reasons You’re Only 0.0004% in Control of Your Xmas Shopping

As you trawl the crowded shopping aisles in search of Christmas presents, your mind is playing tricks on you. Read the article.

Shop Tactics: Why We Buy At Christmas

‘Music, layout, pricing, display – it can all make a difference,’ says Patrick Fagan, consumer psychologist and my shopping companion for the day. Read the article.

The 12 Dating Cliches that are, Shockingly, True

Patrick Fagan, Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths, has dug through psychological research to find the scientific proof behind 12 cliches about love and dating. Read the article.

Money Talks, but do People Still Listen?

For some, it makes the world go round, for others, it’s the root of all evil. But how does money function when it comes to the workplace, ask Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Patrick Fagan. Read the article.

Conceding Cronyism in the Workplace

Cronyism appears to be widespread in the workplace; job hunters will need to simply accept this fact, and communicate the right signs and signals to “fit in” with their prospective employer. Read the article

Are you too Lazy to Complain?

A recent survey suggests that many of us will not bother to return a product bought online if it is below a certain value (£18.01, to be exact). Why? Read the article

Nudging Niceness

Behavioral science principles can be used by governments, brands, and charities to help to nudge consumers into being more charitable. Read the article