Patrick Fagan, brainchimp’s director, is a frequent contributor to media sources on the topic of consumer psychology.

Patrick has provided interviews for print, radio and television, and is regularly featured pieces on consumer behaviour; in particular, his regular involvement in PR projects for blue-chip brands has resulted in a great deal of press exposure. He also frequently writes for popular online and print publications, as well as being commissioned to write content for private publications.

A selection of Patrick’s written work, and articles featuring him, are available below.

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MBTI – Managers Beware of This Imposter

The Barnum Effect describes the way in which we tend to believe that any description ambiguous enough is an accurate portrait of our personality. It may be evident in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Read the article.

How to Make the Best of Neuroticism

Of all the Big Five traits, neuroticism is the only “bad” one – neurotic people, meanwhile, tend to be anxious, pessimistic, stressed, upset, fearful, and emotionally unstable. Read the article.

Are Successful People Agreeable?

Agreeable people are trusting, pro-social, compassionate, warm, friendly, honest and considerate – and this trait plays a big role in their lives. Read the article.

Need Order in your Life? Put on Some Smart Clothes

Conscientiousness is related to industriousness, orderliness, responsibility and self-control; conscientious people prefer order. Read the article.

Messy Bedroom? Don’t Worry, it’s Just a Sign of Openness

Openness to experience is the Picasso of personality; open people tend to be creative, liberal, curious, aesthetically-minded and fantastical. Read the article.