brainchimp is a brain science-based consultancy helping clients to solve a range of challenges.

Consumer psychology is what we do. Whatever your question – as long as it concerns understanding behaviour – we can help you solve it. We have a toolbox full of tools to tailor depending on the issue at hand. Some popular questions include:


Nudging Sales

What non-conscious techniques can be used to help sell our brand?

Understanding People

What is the psychological profile of a certain group of people (e.g. my employees)?

Brand Perceptions

What do consumers really think of my brand?

Marketing Strategy

How should I present and advertise my brand to make it sell?


brainchimp specialises in non-conscious research techniques to get to the hidden (and more influential) drivers of why people buy.

Traditional market research methods – surveys, interviews, and focus groups – tend to only find out what people think they think. brainchimp uses cutting-edge methodologies supported by peer-reviewed research.

There are a range of techniques available depending on the question at hand. Some of these include:



Reaction time testing which measures non-conscious associations in memory (e.g. Obama-trust, Apple-cool, self-happy). Try it here.


Scientifically robust survey based on psychology, usually used to assess people (e.g. personality). Click here to try one built by brainchimp.

Facial Coding

Webcams record facial expressions, and this gives a measure of emotional response (e.g. to ads). Try it here.


Biometric and neurometric technologies (e.g. heart rate, eye-tracking, fMRI) are very good at capturing the non-conscious (as is implicit testing).


brainchimp comprises established experts in the field of consumer psychology.

This expertise can be applied to a range of contexts – whether you just need some input from a psychological perspective on a new idea, through to wanting to understand the entirety of a topic like price psychology.

The most popular applications of this expertise include:


Lit. Reviews

Literature reviews of topics (e.g. product placement, perceived value), which can take the ultimate form of notes, full write-ups or workshops

Biz. Reports

Strategic reports which synthesise our expertise and relevant research to make clear recommendations for the business


Expert contributions to PR projects range from conducting research to providing quotes and doing interviews


Providing interviews and quotes to press, as well as creating unique, bespoke content such as articles